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Message From Karl Curran

I guess this all started when I was very young. Crossing borders and hearing different European languages while hollidaying in Europe gave me an appetite to discover. True to say that this is my real passion. I came to America as an Ex-Pat with a brokerage company, however I soon spotted a potential opening in the higher end of food and wine and more over giftboxes. I set up my own business, doing what I love to do best, travel, import tasty wines & foods, and the best part is I get to take my clients with me so they too can experience the most fun & engaging past-time ever, which is of course tasting fine wines and food. What's not to like ?

Regrding wine selection, no two years are the same, therein lies the real passion for both novice & expert: discerning what the current vintage will bring? Thus empowering the drinker the wherewithal to compare and contrast against previous years, which is very exciting.

Continuing in this rich vein, over the last few years at Charlemagne, we have developed an excellent idea, which was to create our own gift box in collaboration with Yvan Valentin (Chocolate Truffles, LA), Barbero of Italy (Confectionery) & Dallmayr of Munich (Coffee) bearing in mind a premium on packaging & presentation.  Hand selecting excellent wines of character, pairing them with Yvan’s decadent chocolate truffles that are neatly displayed in an elegant Charlemagne gift box, and now adding Barbero Torronfetta, with the best haselnuts, pistachios & almonds, and Dallmayr Coffee which is over 300 years old, the reviews have been excellent.  Please feel free to reach out to me and I will be delighted to help you.

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