Charlemagne is a Pasadena based fine wine importer, wholesaler, retailer, and distributor, founded by Karl Curran, an Irishman who found his way to Pasadena, California after leaving the trading floors of London, New York and Tokyo where he worked as an Inter Bank currency options broker at various firms including Cantor-Fitzgerald and Tullett-Prebon.

Karl, who is tri-lingual, has had a strong interest in wine since his teens, and his first job after high school was working at the famed Paul Jaboulet Aine estate in the Rhone valley in France.  This apprenticeship was cultural and ingrained an approach to the wine business that is very much based on a sense of place and education...

The wines chosen for import are based on tradition and vintage variation. It is fascinating that a wine such as Chateau Haut-Marbuzet from Bordeaux could change as much as it does from one year to the next.

The fact is, according to Karl, that each vintage is akin to a new son or daughter coming from the same DNA, but with different characteristics.  It could be argued that the wines are like us... in that we change every year... as does the wine...

Charlemagne Fine Wines
Charlemagne Fine Wines

How much fun is there in learning about ourselves through a case of fine wine? 

Charlemagne would like to gather like-minded people and explore the difference where we envisage adventure, learning, and fun.

Vive la difference.