Château Pavie Macquin, St Emilion, Bordeaux Red Wine 2012

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Château Pavie Macquin, St Emilion, Bordeaux Red Wine 2012

I have most of the Grand cru Bordeaux wines available, however, I am not into price wars and these wines are extremely price sensitive. When you buy one and think you are getting a great deal, the thing you have to remember is that the knowledge provided by someone like me is half the value. There is no point in drinking these wines and not having a sense of place, I guarantee that after drinking one of these wines and having spoken to me about it, the experience will be a thousand times better to your benefit. Please contact me if interested in the experience.    


This 15 hectare St. Emilion vineyard of Pavie Macquin is planted to 80% Merlot, 18% Cabernet Franc and 2% Cabernet Sauvignon. The vineyards of Chateau Pavie Macquin are located next to the hill of Mondot at an altitude of between 75 and 100 meters at its highest point.


If you’re standing in the Right Bank vineyards of Pavie Macquin, you get a great view of their well known neighbors. Troplong Mondot is to the west, Pavie is south, Trotte vielle is due north and Pavie Decesse is right in front.

Pavie Macquin has a complex terroir which features 9 different types of soil, most of it is clay and limestone soil. You can simplify matters by looking at their northern parcels as being in a slightly cooler, limestone are, and in the south, you find a warmer terroir.

The vineyards of Chateau Pavie Macquin are planted at a vine density of 6,600 vines per hectare. However, newer plantings are being done at a very high density for the Right Bank at 8,888 vines per hectare. At Pavie Macquin they have old vines, many are on average, close to 40 years of age. Their oldest vines date back more than 60 years.


At Chateau Pavie Macquin, the vineyard is managed using 100% organic techniques. But they choose not to be certified organic, allowing them to make a wider variety of choices. They are also biodiverse, meaning they are HVE certified. The policy of replanting at Chateau Pavie Macquin is that individual vines are replaced on a vine by vine basis.


This is done using the selection massal technique where the budwood is drawn from existing vines from within the Pavie Macquin vineyard. In time for the 2012 harvest, Chateau Pavie Macquin finished a complete renovation of the estate including all their winemaking facilities, the tasting room and vathouse.

The best vintages of Chateau Pavie Macquin are: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2012, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2005, 2003, 2001 2000 and 1998. There are several great vintages produced here. 2005, 2009, 2010, 2015 are close to the top of what estate has produced. But the 2016 is at this point, the finest wine Pavie Macquin has ever produced!


Pavie Macquin Character and Style

The wine of Chateau Pavie Macquin is at its best, rich, lush, concentrated, long, fresh and packed with minerality, silky tannins, sensuous textures and the ability to age and develop for years.

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