Corporate Tasting Class ($100 deposit)

Corporate Tasting Class ($100 deposit)

Corporate Classes:

We now offer online tastings conducted through Zoom.  So you have a 12 person team with offices in Seattle, Austin, Nashville, LA and New York. With the help of the internet and tools such as Zoom, we can get everyone on that team onto one screen for an incredible zoom chat. You do the scheduled business, and after Karl will give a class on the wines he has expedited to each logon e-mail address.  Take your tastebuds on a tour through french wine country and expand your palate and your knowledge.  The tasting takes place over a Zoom call which will last approximately 75 minutes, but often gets extended due to all of the fun we will have online. Wines will be shipped to the recipient prior to the virtual experience.  Please plan for up to three weeks ahead for everything to come together, there are a lot of moving parts.  Shipping for this concept must leave on a Monday so there is ample time for arrival and if there is a loss we have time to re-plan and re-ship. Once you have placed your order Karl will reach out to you to confirm the details of your class. These zoom calls concentrate more on a sense of place, taking the snobbery out of drinking french wines, learning how to read the labels, the farming methods, the climate, the geology, the types of wines, and their famous diverse characters. We will learn about Bordeaux and Burgundy and the cru systems in place for over 1000 years. This class is the beginning of something great that will stay with you forever. 

A refundable deposit of $100 is required to reserve a class.  Karl will reach out to you to finalize the list of attendees, the dates of the classes, and to process the remaining balance.



Single Class Structure:

$400 - Up to 4 attendees

$500 - over 6+ attendees


Wine for presentation per attendee:

$150 includes within CA, $165 outside CA - per attendee or couple ( 1 red & 1 white wine will be sent to each e mail address on the call )


 Class Structure (Covering Rhone, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Loire )


Recommended start time is 5pm.  Each class is 1:15 Hours plus 1 hour grace period

Please select a the desired date for the first class.  Please choose a date at least 3 weeks in to the future to allow the wine to be arrive.

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