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Dallmayr, Barbero, the finer things in life...

Taste Passion 

Really my passion is more about crossing borders. Don’t you feel that when you cross an international frontier, something exciting is happening. A new culture and ways of doing things. A new language, eating habits & drinking, general day to day occurrences such as driving in the narrow streets of Rome. One thing about euro culture that grabs the imagination is the way they package their products. They look smart and enticing, they invite you to examine them, eat me, drink me, smell me etc… The human senses are tested to the optimum level of sensory connection.

Dallmayr Coffee, Barbero Torrone

Dallmayr & Barbero ( The Owl & The Oak California Cabernet )

Obviously the wines form the backbone of my business, however, I have been on the lookout for other products that I could offer in my gift box, which was first developed eight years ago. That seems like a while to wait, but my reason being, new products require re-engineering of the box, costing beaucoup dollars, in short the insert that holds the new products has to be redesigned. Packaging is paramount, moreover there is a spark required that spurs the imagination fuelling the impulse to engage and buy. This process takes confidence only won with experience !!

Barbero of Asti ( Piedmont-Italy)

Over the last few years I encountered Dallmayr coffee from Munich in Germany. This company has been in the tea and coffee business along with Pastries & cakes, fine foods and fine wine the year 1700. They epitomize excellence. Their coffees are predominantly arabica from Ethiopia, and are fresh. I just loved the design straight away knowing it was a good fit.

The heat in the summer months is a constraint for shipping purposes. I needed one or two more products to complement the wine and coffee. At the fancy food show in San Francisco I tasted some Torrone ( hard nougat with pistachios, hazelnuts and almonds ) from Barbero of Asti. This is a delicious product and not so well known here in the US. I feel like I am strong at getting people to think outside the norm & 

Gift Box

this will really blow their minds as it tastes so good. Barbero has been making fine candies since as far back as 1838. The new box with the wines from California, Oregon, France & Italy will be ready this summer and will make the perfect thank you gift on the market. I am also featuring chocolate truffles from Barbero, once tasted never forgotten.

Charlemagne… the only time wine is acceptable in a box…