Wine Experiences

Come and join me in France or Italy on one of my custom built tours of the famous vineyards, where you will eat and drink like royalty and meet the most interesting people.  Take advantage of the art, spa treatments, the cooking classes, country walks to historic monuments and buildings, and golf... among other diversions.

I build tours to places such as Burgundy, Bordeaux, Tuscany, and the Piedmont region in northern Italy.  My idea is to explore the vineyards and taste their wines, while enriching ourselves in the deep culture of these amazing places.  Gaining access to these estates is difficult, however I believe it to be responsible business, as I feel that in order to taste these fantastic wines, and understand them too one has to visit and meet the people.

After meeting the people then one can really understand what the wine means to them, and it is only then can one understand the flavors running through the wines.  More importantly, we realize we not just drinking any old wine, we are enriching our lives.   In vino veritas.


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