Raphael Dubois, 'Blanche Fleur', Beaune 2017

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Domaine Raphael Dubois Blanche Fleur 2017 

Beaune is in the middle of the famous Cote d'Or in Burgundy.  This is where all the famous Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines come from.  Each village makes their own style of the varieties depending on criteria such as soil type and general terroir.  Beaune is well known for the red fruit in its reds, so raspberry and strawberry aromas, but also intact is that typical acidity that one expects from a good 'Burg'.  This wine for the price has all of those qualities with a little earth on the finish which leads me to believe that it has some aging potential.  This wine has a nice weight to it.  Enjoy with veal or a lighter red meat and or roast chicken.  Blanche Fleur is the Lieu dit, which when translated from french means town-land or its a nickname given by the locals to that particular plot.  These Lieux-dits were named by the Benedictine and Cistercian orders back in the 1100s.  Thats how old these vineyards are.  There is a lot of intrigue surrounding these names as they produce different styles and idiosyncrasies to the wines.  Please make sure to drink this wine starting at 60F and going up to 65F, but rather better on the cool side.  Cheers!   

A note on flocculation or soil particle aggregation: This is a quality of the burgundy soils as there is a natural antacid in the soil and that is calcium carbonate.  When water or hydrogen ions are present, they tend to decay organic matter (carbon based) with limestone present, the soils can be more basic = higher PH, this aids in cation exchange, or simply put the flow or necessary elements into the vine which are nutrients, such as Ca, Mg, Potassium and Sodium. Very important…  Note there is very little limestone in west coast vineyards. 

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