Raphael Dubois, Nuits-St-Georges 2018 - Cote D'or France

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Raphael Dubois, Nuits-St-Georges 2018 - Cote D'or France

Domaine Raphael Dubois Nuits St Georges 

2018 is a great year, and the Nuits St Georges from Domaine Raphael Dubois is a lovely wine with lovely texture. These wines are different to the Pommard wines or Volnay wines in that they are heavier. The vintage is very generous and the wines are high fruit content. They will please Pinot Noir drinkers from California who are used to 'bigger wines'. However, this wine maintains that elegance and dignity of good Burg. More on the black fruit side on the nose, plum, prune, dark berry fruit, drinking very well and for the next ten years or so. This wine needs to be served beginning at 60 F and if possible decant is a must. It is young and if cooled it will really come alive at about 64 F. Give it one hour in the decanter and allow it to sit in a dark cool environment. There are some barnyard notes on the first nose which later blow off however it is essential to give this wine some 2 hours of air time and a good shake in the decanter before drinking. Allow the fat to come up !!!!!


The Calcium Carbonate type limestone soils are intrinsic to good winemaking as the cation exchange ( flow of required minerals to the vine MA, CA etc) is so much more fluid with high PH - whereas more acidic soils without the natural antacid tend to have wines that are not as structured. This is the key to Burgundy and why it is so good. 

This is very typical of Burgundy. I like this wine because of the vintage  which is extremely generous, however, it needs to be decanted as it is a baby. It starts off a little green, but it will open and blossom into a beauty, with tea notes albeit a little herbaceous to start with. Once the green notes have blown off - it really shows its teeth. 

In my opinion these wines are capable of aging a great many years and will only improve. My advice is to drink one now and hold the other for about 3 years. Please make sure to pour ⅓ the usual amount in the glass and a proper Burgundy glass would be best suited for this tasting. I recently tasted some of this wine which was decanted and it showed beautifully, Lovely smooth texture, full of delicate fruit, sublime, great bottle. 


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