The Ultimate Experience (Up To 14 Guests)

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It could be a birthday, a graduation, a special family get-together, or a really nice thank-you to your special client who went the extra mile... do you get the picture?  A very special date, something for all the family to remember forever!

Bordeaux is the centre of the fine wine world.  The maritime climate on the 45th parallel offers perfect conditions for growing grapes fit for classically-constructed, long-lasting wines.  This vast region is home to 10,000 wine producers and 57 different AOCs.  Red – or ‘Claret’ as its known – now comprises 88 percent of Bordeaux wine.

Most of us have heard of Bordeaux and its swagger and style.  However, few understand these fine wines that are veiled in secrecy and snobbery.  Even fewer still have tasted these wines in the proper setting.  This is real entertainment, sitting down, pencil in hand, blind tasting four different wines from Bordeaux in the company of a master who understands the culture.

The four wines will represent the modern Bordeaux appellation with a view to give you, the drinker, the ultimate experience; to understand the word "Terroir" and the famous Bordeaux Cru system which is unique to the world of wine.  Top vintages & estates such as Leoville Las Cases 2009, Vieux Château Certan 2009, Château Palmer 2010, to name but a few.

We will taste the wines blind, it will be your job to identify them in the glass, comparing and contrasting, employing a vocabulary you rarely use in everyday life.

A Q&A & masterclass will follow the results of the tasting. The blind tasting will leave an impression in the mind. We will use the best glassware to enhance the tasting. 

Finally tasting fine wine is cathartic and soothing. The real fun during these tastings comes with the discovery of how good the wines are. I know you will enjoy it. 

This experience is designed so that I will be in the room with you.  The pricing listed is for delivery in the Southern California region only.... and the $575 price tag is per person, not including shipping or delivery which is extra.  However, the wines can be shipped too and me attending will perhaps involve a flight ticket and accommodation if we are looking out of state-we can discuss these costs over the phone.

Food and accoutrements are extra and we can also discuss at order placement.  


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